Winter weather is approaching fast and it is important to ensure your home roof is prepared for the heavy snow, sleet, and ice that will be hitting Wisconsin. One of the best ways to ensure your roof is prepared for winter, is to have an inspection completed by a professional contractor. In fact, we encourage you to not attempt to climb on your roof because it can be dangerous.

When we arrive at your home, we will check your roof for leaks, broken flashings, and curling shingles. Then we will ensure your gutters are free of debris and that you have proper gutter toppers installed. Lastly, we can even check your siding to ensure there is no current storm damage or wear and tear. Below we have created a checklist to ensure your home roof is prepared for the winter months ahead.

Check Shingles and Flashings
First, our home improvement contractors check for broken flashings and shingles. Did you know if water spots are on your ceiling or moisture is in your attic that you more than likely have a leak in your roof? Leaks happen when the flashings and shingles are loose or missing. Leaks can also happen if your roof is old and worn out. It is important to remember that a roofer can spot early signs of a roof leak from broken flashings and shingles; therefore, do not attempt to inspect your roof for leaks yourself. In fact, we recommend having your flashings checked at least once a year to prevent leaks and structural damage.

Fix Leaks
If we find a small leak during the winter roof inspection, we recommend getting it taken care of right away. Small leaks become larger leaks, leaving room for moisture intrusion and mold growth within your home. If a leak goes unfixed, it will only cause more issues, such as affecting the structural integrity of your home. We recommend not fixing small leaks yourself because if it is not completed correctly, the leak will only become worse. Not only is preparing your roof’s flashings and shingles important for winter, but also ensuring your gutters are free of debris and water backup.

Clean Gutters and Install Gutter Toppers
To protect the structural integrity of your home foundation and your roof, we recommend cleaning your gutters and installing gutter toppers before the winter weather comes. If gutters are left uncleaned, they can be detrimental to your roof and potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. In fact, having gutter toppers installed reduces debris and allows water to flow out smoothly. During the gutter inspection, we ensure your gutters are secured appropriately to your home. Loose gutters can also cause backup and overflow, affecting the siding of your home and roof. If you currently do not have gutter toppers installed, we recommend calling the roofing contractors at Sun Roofing right away.

Here at Sun Roofing, our roofing contractors look out for the structural integrity of your home, which is why we recommend having a winter weather roof inspection. During the roof inspection, we check for broken or curled shingles and flashing, leaks, and clogged gutters. Remember to call a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof, so you do not put yourself in a dangerous situation. Contact us today to ensure your home roof can stand the winter storms ahead.